Foggy Side Up

Foggy Side Up is a collection of products designed by Kristen Best of Sunnyside Creative Co. If you like rain, fog, hot chocolate, fireplaces, baked goods, and Northern California weather - you're in the right spot. Welcome!

From Ash Comes Love

Foggy Side Up's first line of products is titled "From Ash Comes Love". 100% of the proceeds from this line will be donated to the Redwood Credit Union Fire Relief Fund to benefit the victims of the Northern California Wildfires that occured in October 2017. This line is a collaboration between Sunnyside Creative Co. & Healthy & Whole, and was created out of a feeling of helplessness. We aren’t firefighters, law enforcement, doctors, or millionaires - so we were having a hard time figuring out how to help. While dealing with our own evacuations and the losses of our family and friends’ homes, we did the only thing we know how to do - design. This is the result.